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Comprehensive Risk Assessments
As the legionella bacteria occurs naturally in most water courses around the world. Controlling the proliferation of this bacteria is the main objective of any legionella control program whether is be by heat or by chemical means. Risk Assessments are now required for ALL hot water system in the work place, including:

- Universities & Hospitals.
- Local authorities premises (Offices).
- Housing associations. Charities.
- Hostels.
- Landlords in the private renting sector.
- Managing agents.
- Hotels & Guest houses.
- Sports & Leisure Centres.
- Caravan and camp sites.
- Residential care homes.

Legionella Control Services, Comprehensive Risk Assessments

The Risk Assessments undertaken by Legionella Control Services seek to bring to light any potential problems and health related risks on the control of Legionella before any problems occur.

The Risk Assessment its self will be carried out by qualified engineers and in line with the HSE recommendations and will form part of the document required to prevent prosecution in the unikely event of an outbreak.

For more information with regard to Risk Assessments please contact us.

Risk Management and Monitoring

Managing the risk associated with the proliferation of the legionella not reduces the chances of an outbreak but give peace of mind.

Legionella Control Services Risk Management Packages provide effective control and elimination of the problems that can give rise to proliferation of the legionella bacteria. contact us for more details.

Legionella Water Testing

 Legionella Control Services offer full UKAS accredited Legionella Water Testing and microbiological laboratory analysis services for the testing of your water.

For just £99 we will send you a test kit so you can collect a sample of water from your system on site, a courrier will then collect the test kit and take it to our full UKAS accredited laboratory where the water will be tested and analysed. You will then be sent certification from us confirming the results of the tests. Click here to order your test kits now.

Bacterialogical testing and Water Analysis
 Bacteriological testing of the water on regular basis gives an indication as to the likely hood of the Legionella bacteria being present in the system and in what quantities.

Bacteriological testing can be carried on site of by a UKAS accredited laboratory.

 Legionella Control Services provide a wide range of training courses to suit the requirements of you or your staff.
Legionella Control Services Training

- Course 'A' Entry Level - Training for managers on the need for Legionella Control.

- Course 'B' Intermediate - Training for engineers and professionals on the day to day control of Legionella.

- Course 'C' Advanced - Training for professionals and responsible people of the legislative consequences of the control of Legionella.

These training courses can be carried in our offices, on site or online, to suit you individual needs.

For more information on Legionella and the terms used, Approved Codes of Practice L8 (ACOP) and general information please contact us.

Water Hygene Services
 Shown below are a range of the Water Hygene Services offered by Legionella Control Services, these services can be tailored

- Emergency sterilisation and cleaning services.
- Cleaning, chlorination and disinfection programs for all types of water systems.
- Disinfections/sanitisations for uninterrupted water supplies.
- System monitoring, including microbiological and chemical sampling and analysis.
- System renovations, upgrades and refurbishments.
- Planned, preventive maintenance programmes.

For more information on Legionella and the terms used, Approved Codes of Practice L8 (ACOP) and general information please contact us.

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